7 Days to Die – 10 minutes guide to start

This is my little tutorial on how to begin in 7 days to die, specially
when you have no equip (i.e. you died and your backpack is too far).
With this few steps you will be able to kill zombies in no more than
10 minutes (except if you are very unlucky finding resources).

1. The Stone Axe

1.1 Gather this three elements: a small stone, a grass piece and a stick.

The little stone is usually found lying in the ground, the grass can
be obtained hitting with your fists the little plants that grow
everywhere and the stick from hitting the little dry trees (no more
than one meter tall). If you are in a green zone (a forest), the
sticks are obtained from some green bushes that are more consistent
that the other plants.

1.2 Sharp the stone and braid the grass into a plant fiber. This can
be done by placing the grass or the stone in the central square of the
crafting area, and then clicking “CRAFT”.

1.3 Make the axe. Look for the Stone Axe template in the Tools section
(the axe is more a tool than a weapon, although it can be effective in
combat). Place the stick, the plant fiber and the sharp stone where
instructed by the template, and click “CRAFT”.

NOTE: Templates are only guides, the same result is obtained by
directly placing the resources in the correct squares, as we have done
with the stones and the grass.

2. Gather resources

Once you have the axe is way easier to broke things. These are the
resources you are going to need for the rest of the tutorial: sticks,
stones, grass and feathers.

2.1 Sticks: You can obtain them hitting bushes as before, but is quite
quicker to craft them. Hit a tree with the axe until it “transforms”
into logs. Put the logs in the central square of the crafting area and
craft Wood Planks. Then, put the planks into that central square and
craft sticks. With this you are going to have enough sticks for a good

NOTE: The process is long. You can press “I” to hide the inventory and
continue gathering. The things will be crafting even if you are doing
other things at the same time.

2.2 Stones: In most areas they are simply in the ground, but if you
are in an area where there aren’t too many stones, you can hit a large
rock and it will break in smaller stones. Once you have five o ten,
you should start sharpening them.

2.3 Grass: It is obtained in the same way than before, only the axe
makes it way quicker. For now, we will need only two more. Once you
have them, braid them, braid them into plant fibers.

2.4 Feathers: Feathers are usually found in searchable places: hollow
trunks, thrash bags, corpses… But obviously the more probable place
are the nests. Sometimes is hard to find feathers, but when you found
them usually there is a big number of them.

3. Club: Once you have 6 sticks you can craft a club. The template is
in the weapon section (Wooden Club). With the club is not too hard to
kill zombies, and most of the time even without being hurt. The best
attack tactic is to maintain the attack button pushed while you are
aiming to the head, giving him a hit after another and stopping him to

4. Crossbow and bolts.

4.1 The crossbow is also in the weapon section, and needs 8 sticks and
2 plant fibers. There is no rush to craft the crossbow if you don’t
have the needed materials to craft the bolts (i.e. the feathers).

4.2 The bolts are also in the weapon section. Each bolt requires a
feather, a stick and a sharp stone. It is worth to put all the
resources you have to craft a lot of bolts instead of crafting one
each time.

NOTE: Don’t forget to take the bolts from the crafting area and place
them into your inventory, since you can’t use them if they are not there.

4.3 Reload the crossbow (“R”). If you don’t do this (even for the
first bolt), you won’t be able to fire. To fire with the crossbow it
is usually recommendable to use the secondary weapon button to aim.

5. Congrats, you are ready for you citizen duty to kill zombies.

6. If you are killed and you appear too far from your backpack, back
to step 1!

By Manolo